Critical Software is one of the oldest and probably the most well-known Portuguese IT and software company.

They launch the company in 1998 after developing a software product that provide diagnostics and prognostics for critical structural systems. One of their first clients was NASA. Yes, NASA. After that the sky wasn’t the limit!

Today Critical Group as several companies, with clients like BMW, Boeing and NASA, offices in Portugal, UK, Germany and US, and more than 2000 employees.

The Briefing

1) Reshape the logo and all the brand guidelines to express the culture and evolution of the company

2) Create a Website that reflects the innovation, dimension and high-quality of the organisation in a seductive way - for clients and potential new collaborators.

Critical Software - New logo

Logo and brand touchpoint

Working close with the Critical marketing department we started by reshaping the old logo to a more modern and fresh one. Maintaining the Critical legacy and aesthetics we develop a logo that works efficiently in all media and communication supports. The stage 2 was dedicated to create the brand guidelines and graphics: From icons and illustrations, to case-studies and inspirational posters we created a brand language that is rich and diverse and at the same time consistent and balanced with the brand culture.

Critical Software - Branding - Polo
Critical Software - Branding - Card
Critical Software - Branding - Keychain
Critical Software - Branding - T-shirt
Critical Software - Our Values


In the end this may look a simple website but the amount of information and areas that it contains its huge. We decided, in the architecture information stage that each area, from aerospacial to naval, should have its own environment and look and feel. So, in reality, we designed and develop 10 websites, one for each industrie were the company performs. We wanted the user to have a more intense and immersive experience when consulting information related to his interests.

Critical Software - Multi Devices

Details and small animations in every section were created to bring a more smoother and rich experience for the user.

We can identify several and different languages inside the website - from a more illustration and young approach to a more institutional language. This was done in order to adapt the language to the different stakeholders of the brand (workers and newcomers but also governments and institutional clients) without losing identity and the brand core values.

Critical Software - Multi Devices