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Luxury is the attention to detail
Frato - Luxury Furniture
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An Urban Oasis
Driftwood Apartments
Cleveland, USA
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Inspirational and Unique
Vinha Boutique Hotel
Porto, Portugal
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Cutting-edge technology
Two Impulse - AI Company
Munich, Germany
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Through seas never before navigated
Normod Carbon
Oslo, Norway
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Enhances harmony and beauty
Murad - Medical cosmetics Clinic
Aveiro, Portugal
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Random Acts of Kindness project
Critical Software
Porto, Portugal

The world craves exciting brands, not dull ones. Cool products sell, not boring ones.

In our lives we crave for clever design and inspiring brands. So, If you’re going to create a brand or design a new website, create a good one. Create one that gives your mama proud, that makes you proud. And above all, make something memorable that makes people engage with your idea or product. If that’s what on your mind we are the right partner for you!

Our services

We hold exceptional expertise in three main areas


Branding & Design

We create seductive and aesthetical brands & products that connect with people hearts


Websites & E-Commerce

We make top-tier websites. Our team is highly specialized in crafting and developing standout websites recognized for their exceptional quality.

Digital Activation

Our team assists you in strategizing and launching online initiatives that drive you toward success.

Choose the services you need

And partner with us to create something great


Create a brand that scale your business.

  • Logo design

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand messaging and positioning

  • Brand naming and copywriting

  • Style Guide

  • Motion graphics & Illustration


Inspirational and effective websites

  • Website design and development

  • User experience (UX) design

  • SEO optimization

  • Mobile app development

  • E-Commerce Development

  • Content management system (CMS) integration

Digital Activation

Unveil your brand on a global stage.

  • Social Media Strategy Development

  • Launching Campaign

  • Brand Storytelling

  • Creative Video & Shoot Production

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Strategy

  • joao_silva_vbh
    João Francisco Silva

    Commercial Director, Vinha Boutique Hotel

    The result was phenomenal. Today the journey starts once the clients enters our website, far from stepping into the hotel yet. A sensorial experience which reveals our four journeys, visually attractive, stimulating, and disruptive

  • rita_murad
    Rita Murad

    Co-Founder, Aesthetic Doctor, Murad Clinic

    We wanted an agency that could express Murad's full potential. Lavva was able to clearly realize who we were and created an elegant and timeless brand.

  • leonardo_costa
    Leonardo Costa

    Project Manager, Amazing Factory

    Efficiency, innovation and reliability is how I would describe Lavva's work. They clearly understood our needs and developed a communication that helped us grow and win new customers.