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Kindness can change the world

Critical Software is a different kind of company, one that embraces causes and ideas that make our daily lives a little better.

The challenge given to Lavva was to create a mini-site for this fantastic world movement called Random Acts of Kindness.


Random Acts of Kindness by Anne Herbert was published in 1993. The book inspired a movement that encouraged people to perform small, unexpected acts of kindness for others without any specific reason or expectation of reciprocation. The movement gave birth to a foundation.


Inspired by this philosophy Critical Software wanted to bring that spirit to their organisation and ask us to built a website that inspires everyone to do it frequently.


The website promotes interaction by allowing people to create their own acts of random kindness, share them or simply mark them as done. The site helps remind us all how small gestures in our daily lives can do so much good for us and those around us.


To find out more about this movement, visit the foundation: https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/

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