"We are Stone Tailors." 

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They craft and execute some of the most exclusive marble stone projects in the world and become known as Stone Tailors.

Worship by greeks and romans since ancient times, Marble was always seen as synonym of luxury and glamour. MCM expertise was crafted by 40 years of hard work and passion and its know-how is now admired and required all over the world - from Architects in Australia to some of the top product designers in Paris.

Lavva was challenged to translate MCM mastery in a timeless elegance website.
We started by working hand in hand with MCM in order to produce high-quality contents that trully embody the legacy and expertise of this Portuguese family-owned company. 


There were several things that capture our attention since the first steps of this project. The enormous amount of knowledge and expertise that you need to have to select, transform and apply these singular stones.

The know-how of this company is so vast and it is only possible with years and years of work. That’s why, instead of naming the traditional “about us” we call it “The Legacy” and “The Expertise” replaced “services”. 

We were also amazed by the beauty of the immense portfolio of marble stones that the company possess - more than 1.800 showcased samples disposed in a all-black warehouse. It’s a rare oportunity to see this quantity of marble stones from all over the world and some of them extremely rare.


The website communicate this different layers of the company, assuming a clean and minimal aesthetic.

We selected the Roboto and Cormorant typography and were generous with blank spaces, fonts and image dimensions. This is a website to bread, to navigate throw it gently and to experience the beauty of the materials and projects as well as the craftsmanship of this men and women


Once we had the full experience, It was a very fun project to do. We had the opportunity to show the quality, experience and elegance that MCM demonstrates as a company and brand, and the amazing projects they bring to life. 

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A Labour of Love. 

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