Critical Techworks, a new brand, a new challenge

Mobility, smart cities and IoT are new terms that are bringing us a renewed vision about the way humans use transportations and move.

Critical Techworks is part of this universe and was created by BMW Group and Critical Software to build top-notch software to support BMW future driving machines.

In order to create a memorable brand we knew we had to create something…well, memorable. To do it we design a logo vibrant, modern and that embraces movement as a concept. The colours, vibrant and electrical, incorporate the energy and vitality of the company.

Critical Techworks - Employer
Critical Techworks - Stand
Critical Techworks - Branding - Bag
Critical Techworks - Branding - T-shirt

Critical Techworks website is appealing, simple and functional. Designed to explain the company to future collaborators the website reflects the culture of the two companies behind this project: BMW Group and Critical Software.

We wanted the users to explore easily the site and without any effort apply to a new job.

Critical Techworks - Multi Devices
Critical Techworks - Responsivew