Changing the way the world moves. 

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They are also changing the way the world looks.

To create, from ground zero, a new brand from A to Z is always a delightful challenge. To do it for a company like BMW it makes it even cooler.

Critical Techworks is a company owned by BMW Group and Critical Softwares, one of the major IT Portuguese companies. The mission of the company is to provide BMW in building software for its future driving machines.


The starting point was of course the creation of the brand. The briefing was quite open, we didn’t have any restraints, the client just ask us for something modern and fresh. So we started by the colours. We wanted to grab some of the universe of BMW without being too explicit. We choose two different types of blue: one darker and other more electric. Together they create a vibrant combination.

For the logo we wanted something that reflected movement - like a wheel or a steering wheel or even the round dashboards that we normally see in a car - but also a merger of two companies. The final result is this two circles that merge themselves in motion.


The Website

This website reflects the true spirit of BMW and Critical Software, that came together to create Critical Techworks.

Created to present the company, specially, to potential future Techworks employees, is a simple and dynamic website with brief interactions that enhances the BMW legacy as the electric and modern vibe that we wanted to highlight.

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