A Recycle platform build to use and reuse. 

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Ondereciclar.pt is an online platform that tells you everything you need to know to recicle your electrical equipments, batteries, light bulbs, old tires… you name it. 🌳

Electrão is the Portuguese Waste Management Association behind this project and one of the biggest drivers of change in people's behavior towards recycling.

They come to Lavva with one purpose in mind: To Increase awareness about this topic and to develop an online platform that it will make it super easy and fast to find the places where we can leave the most varied types of objects to recycle.


So, the challenge was to develop a search platform that allow us, in an easy and friendly way, to find the right location that can receive our waste.

Our approach was clean and straight-foward: Everyone knows that famous search engine platform right? So we removed any content or buttons that could cause any misunderstod about the main purpose of the website: Where two recicle (yes, now that it's done it looks obvious, but this decision still involved some negotiation).

The website serves the main purpose with style (yes, we are flattering ourselves). The search engine allows the user to search for location and/or the type of waste you need to recicle and quickly shows the results in the map.


However this platform isn’t only this, it has lots of contents and useful information about recycling and similar subjects.

But we and our client decided during the process to go a little further. In order to promote the platform and make it more attractive, we decided that we’ll invite some of the best Portuguese illustrators to drawn an illustration for the homepage on a regular and periodic basis. The first guest artist was Tiago Galo who created this awesome illustration.

Illustration by Tiago Galo
Illustration by Tiago Galo

To celebrate Environment Day 2022, we present you the new illustration of Onde Reciclar's platform created by Maria Miguel. This year's main theme is Only One Earth. 🌳🌍

Illustration by Maria Miguel
Draw by Maria Miguel
Illustration by Maria Miguel
Illustration by Maria Miguel
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