Great brands always start with a big passion

Rom Boats is the only manufacturer of custom recreational motor boats on the Iberian Peninsula and the main reason for that is called Jorge Martins, the founder of the project. Jorge has left the role of CEO in a prestigious global consultancy firm to embrace is old dream: to create and launch an exclusive motor boat.

Rom’s mission is to create limited and top-notch, unique boats, customised to each client.  


The Briefing

They came to Lavva and ask us if we could build a website similar to their boats: A customised, handcrafted, unique and high-quality website. And we said yes, off-course!

There were several elements in this project that we wanted to highlight. First, we wanted to transmit a clear message that this is a labour that requires time, patience and mastery.

Each boat is personalised and hand-crafted to each client.

Rom Boats - Crafts man ship

To make possible for the user to embrace all this imagery and richness that we saw in the shipyard we team-up with the client in order to have high-quality photos, video and 3D imagery.

Rom Boats - Crafts man ship

The final result of all this work is, off course, the boat. Proud of is details and richness we tried to show it using different languages: Photos (lots of photos), 3D where you can move around the boat and a 360º photo shooting where you can see all the details and even “go inside” the boat.

Moedas Comemorativas - Multi Devices
Rom Boats - Multi Devices