This is truly a labour of love. 

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From time to time, great companies are born from one man's dream and passion. This is one of those cases.

From a 4-walled office to a shipyard near the sea. Jorge Martins was a CEO in a large consulting company for 25 years, but his passion for boats made him pursue his dream of creating and producing exclusive boats.

While his friends were still wondering if the outgoing CEO had gone insane, he was already flying around Europe on low cost flights visiting shipyards.
One day, at a boatyard in Holland the owner told him that anyone who buys a boat is entitled to have something unique. That was the click for everything to start: “Why are almost boats white and so hard to customise?”. Therefore, the principle behind ROM is to offer luxury yachts levels of highly specialised craftsmanship and customisation.

A project of this nature and specificity needs a site to match. Designed and built in a unique way, just like Rom Boats.

There were several elements in this project that we wanted to highlight. First, we wanted to convey a message that this is a labour that requires time, patience and mastery.

To make possible for the user to embrace all this imagery and richness that we saw in the shipyard we team-up with the client in order to have high-quality photos, video and 3D imagery. 


The final result of all this work is, off-course, the boat. Proud of is details and richness we tried to reveal it in different layers and languages, so that people could feel the boat in different ways, almost as if they could get on the boat.


We went to the shipyard and took photos (lots of photos), 3D where you can move around the boat and a 360º photo shooting where you can see all the details and even “go inside” the boat. 


Every detail of the site has been thought to give visibility to the unique characteristics and craftsmanship of each boat.

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