The 2019 Commemorative Coin Edition

The Portuguese Mint is perhaps the earliest factory in the Portuguese State, with a continuous operation since at least the end of the 13th century. But that doesn´t mean that they’re short on innovation, au contraire.

This website is a statement of that bold vision, where 10 chosen people, regular people and artists - from one of the most famous painters (Júlio Pomar) to 12 year student - show their work to the Portuguese public to vote in their favorite coin.

Moedas Comemorativas - Multi Devices

An unusual (horizontal) navigation experience was created to enhance this special event and to promote and present the 10 coins/artists.

God is in the details

This is one of those projects that we love so we didn’t spare on our efforts to create a great user experience.

Each coin is special and as its own story. In order to create and enhance this story we incorporate vídeo, illustration, 360º animation and ambience sound in every coins page.  

Moedas Comemoraticas - Illustrations
Moedas Comemorativas - Multi Devices