Big is the name of game.

Martifer is one of the largest Portuguese companies. With more than 30 years they are a worldwide leading company specialised in the execution of big projects in the construction, naval industry and renewables sector.

Moedas Comemorativas - Multi Devices

The Brief

To improve the old website bringing more clearness and usability. Allowing people to have a better understanding of the company, their legacy and the big achievements they accomplish every day in an elegant and appealing way. 

In order to do it we designed a website that - despite the several layers and areas of the company and all the legal requirements that we are obligated to, due to the fact that Martifer is a publicly traded company - is simple to navigate and enhances the dynamic of a company that is building the most ambitious projects throughout the world: From large ships to airports.

Moedas Comemorativas - Multi Devices