Honouring the ancient traditions of the Portuguese Jewellery techniques

Elements Jewellery has a long history in the art of transforming precious stones. Its in the family and passes from generation to generation. Nuno and Marco Santos are nowadays the modern face of the company and they are bringing a fresh new look not only to the company but also to the sector. 

They considered that “the best way to extract your jewel from a jewel individuality is artisanal production. Each jewel fulfils a very special intention: to honor the precious legacy of the oldest traditions and materials of Portuguese jewellery and to project its future ”

Nuno and Marco Santos

The Briefing

Nuno and Marco Santos wanted to show the uniqueness of their company. They ask us to develop a website that is also an e-commerce. But they wanted something completely diferent from the “normal” online shops. They ask us to show all the glamour of their products with a user experience and design so unique as their master pieces.

Elements Jewellery - Multi Devices
Elements Jewellery - Multi Devices